Find A Resolution Without A Courtroom Battle

Choose Mediation For Your Civil Case In Augusta, Georgia

Your case doesn’t have to go to court. If you and the other party are fine with resolving your dispute outside of a courtroom, consider mediation. Mediation involves reaching an agreement through a conference without going to trial. Any type of civil case can be mediated, as long as both parties agree on mediation as a route of resolution.

Help Is On The Way

Alex M. Brown offers mediation for civil cases in Evans, Georgia. Mr. Brown is an experienced mediator. He has handled cases involving personal injury, contract disputes and landlord-tenant issues. Call Alex M. Brown today if you want to:

  • Save money by avoiding trial.
  • Resolve your case in a few hours.
  • Avoid heightened tensions and disputes.

You’re going through a tough time already. Make your case less stressful by resolving your dispute through mediation. Call Alex M. Brown Law, LLC, today to discuss mediation for your situation.