Criminal Law Attorney In Augusta, Georgia

We defend clients against charges of all types of major felonies and misdemeanor crimes in Georgia, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI): We defend individuals charged with drunk driving.
  • Juvenile crimes defense: We defend juveniles and college students against criminal charges, including minor in possession of alcohol and minor in possession of drugs charges.
  • Drug offenses: Our attorneys are skilled at protecting the rights of those charged with drug possession, distribution of drugs or drug trafficking in Georgia.
  • Violent crimes: We represent clients charged with domestic violence, stalking and aggravated, assault and battery, homicide and weapons charges.
  • Sexual offenses: Our firm provides skilled defense for clients charged with rape, sexual battery or stalking.
  • Property crimes and white collar crimes: We protect the rights of clients charged with theft crimes such as shoplifting, credit card theft, credit card fraud and embezzlement.

We thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your case before making recommendations as to whether you should accept a plea bargain, go to trial or negotiate enrollment in a diversionary program. We will never make recommendations without first ensuring that all the relevant facts have been taken into account.

For more information, call the law office of Alex M. Brown Law, LLC, at 706-447-6994 to determine the best course of action for your situation!