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Father’s Rights Attorney in Augusta 

In the state of Georgia, legal parentage and biological parentage are not always the same. Georgia law distinguishes between the two, and as a result, being the biological father of a child does not necessarily mean that you have legal parenting rights. This can have several implications, both for the child and for the father. From a practical standpoint, it means that the child may not be able to inherit from the father or receive certain government benefits. 

It also means that the father may not have any say in how the child is raised or what kind of medical treatment they receive. For fathers who wish to establish legal parental rights, they will need to go through the process of legitimation to establish paternity. This can be done either voluntarily or through a court order, and once established and gives the father all the same rights and responsibilities as any other legal parent.

Reasons to Establish Your Rights as a Father

Under Georgia law, both parents are encouraged to play an equal part in their child’s upbringing and development, yet unwed fathers do not have any automatic legal rights to their children. Instead, the courts are biased toward the mother in these circumstances and fathers may not be considered when is comes to seeking primary custody, a better visitation schedule, or even a preference on important decisions in their child’s life. 

To gain custody or visitation rights, they must go through a process called "legitimation." This can be a complicated and costly process, and there is no guarantee that the father will be granted custody or visitation rights. Even if the father is not granted custody or visitation rights, he will still be responsible for paying child support

It is vital you assert your rights with the help of our experienced fathers’ rights attorney in Augusta. At Alex M. Brown Law, LLC, we can help you seek a custody and visitation schedule that is in your child’s best interests. 

Honest Communication Through Complex Family Cases

Attorney Brown has been practicing law since 2008. He understands the importance of listening to his clients and getting all the facts before providing input or advice. Mr. Brown is known for being honest with his clients and telling them what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. He is highly regarded by both his peers and the judiciary, and he currently serves as the President of the Family Law Bar Association for Georgia. 

Our attorney will fight for your rights and give you straightforward advice, no matter the issue. Contact our firm at (706) 397-5088 today.

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